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The Opalite Investment Model

We are the Land-banking Company

You get maximum ROI for every penny spent. At Opalite, we are simply offering you the opportunity to invest today in the tomorrow you desire. All our investment opportunities a re well vetted, reliable, and legal with every necessary information and document duly provided.

Buy Land

We offer the best buy-in deals for landed properties in all our development projects at a cost-effective rate. You can buy multiple plots to make up your Land-Banking portfolio.


You can Invest in our projects by providing funds that would be poured into property/land acquisition with guaranteed ROI of over 30%


You can allow the value of your property to accumulate over time and then activate the reseller option to increase your guaranteed ROI. We offer you a reselling guarantee after 36 months.


You also have the opportunity to build on your land. Some of our project are Land-banking projects while some are ready to build. We offer building support through our RESSS services, you can also key into our off-plan projects or subscribe to our RIOS services for rental income optimization.

Why You Should Invest

"Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value. It is the most solid security that human ingenuity had devised. It is the basis of all security and about the only indestructible security." – Russell Sage

Our Ibeju-Lekki Estate Projects

The Ivory is the place where the bliss, ease, and comfort of extra-ordinary living finds you. The Ivory doesn’t just guarantee a safe environment, but also a profitable one, with its strategic location and surrounding landmarks, the potential return and reselling value of lands and properties within the Ivory is exponential.

Key Landmarks

Key Facilities

BIRCHBURY ESTATE is a unique development by Opalite in a bid to add to the magnificence of Nature. It is a pristine, top quality, and luxurious Estate located in the heart of the beautiful and fast-growing environs of Elerangbe Ibeju-Lekki. Birchbury Estate provides it’s residents with a wide range of the most important infrastructures.

Key Landmarks

Key Facilities

Our Epe Estate Projects

A breath of fresh air, a scintillating feeling ascending upon you in an atmosphere of bliss and serendipity. Nature calling out to you, the scent of rain, lush, and flourish, the whispers of the birds around you. That calming feeling washing over you in this quite and serene place, washing away all the hustle and bustle stress from the busy Lasgidi roads.

Key Landmarks

Key Facilities


The Venice Park is a Future-City Development Project by Opalite. The quality of housing in Lagos over the past few years has been on the rise with new top-notch housing concepts, and developments popping up around the city. The concept behind The Venice Park is to create topnotch living experiences for everyone who lives or visit the Park. It is made up of different structures, infrastructures, amenities, and basically anything to make your life super easy and amazing.

Key Landmarks

Key Facilities

Our Lastest Updates

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FG needs to encourage investments in lands, properties – Olanrewaju

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The benefits of Investing in Real Estate: Why owning a property is a smart move.

The benefits of Investing in Real Estate: Why owning a property is a smart move.

Real estate stands as a solid and evergreen choice. Investing in property has proven to be a smart move time and time again, providing a range of benefits that are hard to match. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of investing in real estate and why owning a property is a wise financial decision.


Buying a home can be very challenging for a first-time. Buying a home is a big move, literally and figuratively.

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Your Next Project

RESSS is a new innovative subsidiary of Opalite Nigeria a property development and investment agency. What this initiative does is that it provides you with a range of tools, skills, and logistics needed to start and complete a solid building project. We have a vast array of artisans, skilled professionals, and solid demand & supply relationships that makes our delivery all the more easy.

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