There’s a lot of information about real estate agents on the web. But even if you consider yourself the most research-savvy digital consumer of all time, you may not know everything you need to make the wisest decision when negotiating a real estate transaction.
Most real agents are reputable, honest, and hardworking. They’re well-informed on the worth of your house, the state of the housing market, and even the buyer’s frame of mind. Their knowledge is what makes an agent valuable to you.
Here’s a quick list of things you may not already know that could put, or keep, money in your wallet while you’re in the real estate game.

  1. Homeowners are an important way to build wealth: Homeownership isn’t for everybody. But those who step onto the homeownership ladder steadily build wealth over their lifetime.
  2. Owning real estate can save you hundreds of taxes: Owning property can offer income through appreciation – when the home value increases over time – and can be a source of passive income if you rent it out. And it’s a good way to diversify your investment portfolio.
  3. Buyers who tapped expert real estate advice were glad they did: Nearly four out of five consumers, 78% say their agent was a very useful source of information.
  4. Sellers was just as happy they worked with real estate pro: Nearly nine out of 10 sellers or 89%, wholeheartedly believe it’s important to work with an agent when selling.
  5. Sellers who spruce up and declutter their home draw more interest: Staging a home makes a big difference in buyers’ ability to see its potential.
  6. Sell-it-yourself are a dwindling crowd: The number of sellers who sold their home without a real estate pro has dropped to 8%, according to the buyer and seller study- the lowest share since the stat was tracked in 1981
  7. Sellers who go it alone leave money on the table

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