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Transform your financial landcape!

Are you a Realtor or marketer looking to increase your income without taking up too much extra work? Join the Garnet Brokerage  and earn up to a whopping 15% commission every time you sell any of our partners’ lands or properties.

Why Should I Join?

Expand Your Business Network with ease.


Vast Network of Realtors

You can increase your connection in the Real Estate world by getting access to interact with our vast network of experienced Realtors and Real Estate Developers Across Nigeria, and beyond.


Ample Commission on every deal

Every deal you close earns you a whopping 10% commission, higher than any other agency offers to their realtors. You also earn other additional perks and gifts to make the work worth your while.


Increase your marketing skills

We also conduct various FREE or SUBSIDIZED Sales & Marketing training for every member of the Agency, you can learn from many experienced realtors and marketing experts to improve your skill and become better.

Welcome to Garnet Property Brokerage

Nigeria's Foremost PREMIUM Real estate agency network!

The growth of the Real Estate industry over the past 10 years has been exponential, with many new Real Estate developers joining the industry at a rate of almost 2,000 every year across Africa. What this means is that there’s an ever-expanding need for Realtors, who are experienced in Sales & Marketing to help these developers and companies move their products. In order to help them secure financial stability, they need to continue to compete in this ever-growing industry.

With this gaping and unfulfilled demand being a constant problem in the Real Estate Industry, there are too few Realtors, and a communication/connection gap between them and the companies that need their services. This is why we created Marketing360 Agency Network, to bridge this connection gap. Marketing360 Agency is a Network of Realtors and Marketers who are interested in earning commissions by selling different Real Estate products; lands and properties. The Network was created on April 1st, 2021, and is headed by Damilola Olanrewaju a renowned Real Estate Sales and Marketing Expert with numerous qualifications and experience in sales and marketing, and vast experience in the Real Estate industry.

The goal of the network I to make it easy for Real Estate Developers to content with skilled and reliable Realtors who can help them push their product without hassle. Our commission-based system is transparent, reliable, and secure. Our members earn every time they sell, and anytime one of their referred members also sells. The process of joining the Network is seamless and super easy. Check below for the process and registration form

Here are some of our initiatives

You can benefit from

Commission Based Sale

We give all our members a commission of 15% every time they sell a Land or Real Estate Property for any of our partner companies.

Network Commission

If you refer someone to become a member of the Network, once they are registered under your unique code, you will also earn a 5% commission when they sell their first property or piece of land.

Exclusive Member Training

We conduct various FREE or SUBSIDIZED training for our members from time to time in order to help them improve their experience and increase their ability to make regular sales.

Tap into our unlimited network and a vast library of training materials

Once you sign up to become a member of M360 Network, you would have access to our groups with a vast number of other experienced Realtors you can work with and also learn from. You’d also get regular updates, product information, exclusive promo offers, training materials, and other pecks.

Fill the Form below with your correct details

Reply to our corresponding email with all the necessary information requested to complete your registration.

Start selling and earning your 10% commission. You also earn an extra commission for referrer people so take note of the referrer code you are given upon completion of your registration.

Got a Question for us?

Frequently Asked Questions

Your commission is earned on a sales-based structure, which means you earn your 10% commission immediately after the land or property is sold and payment is confirmed. After the transaction is confirmed, your commission is going to be forwarded to your account and our agents would call you to confirmed the receipt of the payment.

To refer someone to the Network, all you have to do is to direct them to the website to register and give them your referrer code (which you get immediately after your registration is confirmed) they would fill in your Code to the required slot when they want to register to acknowledge that they are coming in through you.

  1. You earn a 10% commission on every land or property you sell
  2. You also earn an extra 2% when someone you refer sells their first piece of land or property.
  3. And lastly, you earn 1% commission when someone you refer refers someone else (and the person sells a piece of land or property)

No, there is no limit to the number of people you can refer, the more people you refer, the higher your commission and earnings within the Network.

Besides the regular sales commission, you earn each time you sell, you also get to earn different tips, extra bonuses, and additional perks from time to time. 

You’d also get access to exclusive training, sales materials, events, and business hangouts to help you grow your sales skill, connection, and network.