UnRestricted ACCESS

Developers Paradise INTAKE

You can cut out the cumbersome process of land acquisition for your major development. You no longer have to deal with “omo-onile” issues or logistics stress when you want to acquire a massive amount of lands for investment or development purposes.


With just a minimum uptake of 5 Acres, you instantly get unrestricted access to:
1. Massive discount and bonuses
2. A Flexible payment plan
3. Verified Land documents and contract of sales
4. All-round legal support
5. Marketing Support
6. Technical Support
7. Logistics Support
8. Survey Support and more.

Application Form

1. Please read this form carefully before filling same.
2. This form should be completed in BLOCK LETTERS only.
3. Please supply accurate information only (All information supplied will be treated as confidential).
4. Direct inquiries to Opalite Nigeria Ltd. (find office address overleaf).
5. Names will appear on your title documents as filled on this form. Any subsequent
alteration on your documents will attract a fee
6. Filling this form without payment of deposit does not create any obligation
between the subscriber(s) and the company.

The opportunity of a lifetime is finally HERE.
Key into the One Acre Investor initiative and improve your Real Estate Investment Portfolio.

We bring you a new groundbreaking initiative that encourages Large-scale Real Estate investments with a profitable outcome. With the Opalite ‘One Acre Investor’ (O.A.I.)you get sizable discounts when you buy 1 Acre(6Plots) and above in any of our Estates.

Don’t sleep on it tap into this awesome opportunity today.


INVEST... without... breaking the bank!

Our payment plans can help you invest at a pace that is convenient to ensure your investment decision doesn’t hurt your finances in any way. Our goal is to provide live-enriching Real Estate investment opportunities, so we always ensure that we put you first.