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The Venice Holiday Homes is located in the blissful, beautiful, and exquisite environs of Epe in Lagos State, Nigeria. Providing the best living experience for your family.

The Idea of The Venice Estate is to secure an investment in a booming location in Lagos. This investment is perfect because the value of land in upcoming locations like Epe would always continue to surge!

The estate spans over 150 plots of 100% dry land suitable for building any structure.


30% discount!

NORMAL PRICE ₦1,200,000



INVEST... without... breaking the bank!

Our payment plans can help you invest at a pace that is convenient to ensure your investment decision doesn’t hurt your finances in any way. Our goal is to provide live-enriching Real Estate investment opportunities, so we always ensure that we put you first.

One of the main focuses of The Venice is to give parents the opportunity to lay a strong foundation for their children’s future. While you can buy to build, you can also buy to keep. There is no gift that can measure up to a Real Estate investment, because of its stability and continuous increase in value. 

A future of wealth- help your children become immune to the economic instability of this country.

It is never too early, millions of parents have bought lands for their children.

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Read the FAQs carefully to understand our terms and policies before proceeding to make your purchase. Thanks, we hope you find everything satisfying.

The Venice Holiday Homes is located in Epe, Lagos.

The Venice is developed by Opalite Nigeria Limited

The land meaures 600SQM which is the standard plot size within an estate.

The land is Freehold and Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) is in process

Minimum deposit of ₦300,000 as initial payments, you are expected to make subsequent payment as and when due (Monthly). If the payment is beyond 6 months, it attracts interest.

10% of total cost of the land bought.

Other required payments will be paid before taking full possession of your land. Such as allocation fee and development levy.

Payment receipt for the payment made and Contract of Sale.
Subsequent payment receipt will be issued for every payment made.

Letter of Allocation, Deed of Assignment and Estate Agreement.

Your land would be allocated to you 3 months after full payment has been made.

You can get a refund after the contract has been signed. However, you are required to make a written request, and  give the company a 90 days’ period  to process your refund. (90days from the day you make your request.)

Once your refund request has been accepted, you are eligible to a 70% refund of your total fee of the land bought.

The Estate development is currently on the way, with basic amenities and processes like clearing, allocation, Perimeter fencing, Estate Gate, and Gate House set to be done before the end of Q2 2022.

You can build any structure that you want, although you must align with building sizes, structural quality, and the overall layout plan of the estate.

As soon as your land has been allocated, you can commence the clearing of your land and development. Once allocation has been done, you are expected to make sure that your land is cleared constantly, and kept in good shape.

YES, you also have option of doing the development/building yourself or choose to let the development arm of Opalite take care of that for you. 

  • Yabatech Epe Campus
  • Alaro City
  • Lekki-Epe Bridge
  • Epe Resort Centre
  • Epe Mangrove
  • Awolowo Museum
  • And so on.

The amenities in the estate includes:

  • Good Road Network
  • Regular Power Supply
  • Healthy Water Supply
  • Perimeter Fencing
  • Drainage System
  • Relaxation/Community Hubs

YES, you enjoy an 100% buyback guarantee in 36 months when you buy a piece of the Venice.

Based on reliable projection by real estate professionals, the project value of land in Epe will be over 300% by 2025.



The Venice Estate was developed with the goal of providing a top-quality housing experience that is beautiful, blissful, and quite affordable. The Estate provides everything you need to simplify your every-day-life. 

The Estate size is over 150 plots of 100% dry land perfect for building any structure.

*All the necessary documents have been prepared. Your land purchase is secure and risk-free!