The Venice Park is a 25 Acre City Development Project by Opalite. The quality of housing in Lagos over the past few years has been on the rise with new top-notch housing concepts, and developments popping up around the city. The concept behind The Venice Park is to create topnotch living experiences for everyone who lives or visit the Park. It is made up of deferent structures, infrastructures, amenities, and basically anything to make your life super easy and amazing.

The Venice Park is the Future City you want to be  part of in every capacity you can be. Be it as a resident, Tech Company, Health Company, Educator, Tourist/Visitor to our Resort. It doesn’t matter the capacity in which you are in The Venice Park you are guaranteed to have fun and have the best living-experience

Application Form

1. Please read this form carefully before filling same.
2. This form should be completed in BLOCK LETTERS only.
3. Please supply accurate information only (All information supplied will be treated as confidential).
4. The passport photo to be attached must be a recent one and reflect the true likeness of the individual applying or that of an authorizing officer of the establishment making the application.
5. Direct inquiries to Opalite Nigeria Ltd. (find office address overleaf).
6. Names will appear on your title documents as filled on this form. Any subsequent
alteration on your documents will attract the sum of N25,000.
7. Filling this form without payment of deposit does not create any obligation
between the subscriber(s) and the company.

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Our payment plans can help you invest at a pace that is convenient to ensure your investment decision doesn’t hurt your finances in any way. Our goal is to provide live-enriching Real Estate investment opportunities, so we always ensure that we put you first.



The Venice Estate was developed with the goal of providing a top-quality housing experience that is beautiful, blissful, and quite affordable. The Estate provides everything you need to simplify your every-day-life. 

The Estate size is over 150 plots of 100% dry land perfect for building any structure.

*All the necessary documents have been prepared. Your land purchase is secure and risk-free!

One of the main focuses of The Venice is to give parents the opportunity to lay a strong foundation for their children’s future. While you can buy to build, you can also buy to keep. There is no gift that can measure up to a Real Estate investment, because of its stability and continuous increase in value. 

A future of wealth- help your children become immune to the economic instability of this country.

It is never too early, millions of parents have bought lands for their children.